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HIST: Civil Rights Roundtable

Where to start!

Here are some tips to help you get started with your research:

I. Start with finding background information on your historical figure.

  • Databases are probably the best place to start looking - - they will be able to provide a succinct, clear overview.
       Click on the Finding Sources tab on the left to browse some suggested databases!

II. When searching online or in the library catalog, use the following strategies:

  • " " around first and last names (ex. "Ella Baker", NOT Ella Baker).
  • Use your keywords-- events, places, people etc... that are connected with an historical figure

   Need help with Keywords? Look at "Online tools for finding keywords" located under the Keyword Searching tab on the left. 

III. Many primary sources can be found in the databases, however, you can browse the suggested list of websites as well.  

  • Remember to try searching specific names, places and document titles in the library catalog. 

***Keywords will help with primary sources--so keep using them!

Need more help?  Just ask!



Template and Guide used with permission of Duke University Libraries; this guide created by Corey Baker