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Course Assignment

We have spent much of the semester examining two related phenomena: the power of markets and the myriad sources of disappointing results from markets.  Your task is to

  • choose a real-world example of government intervention in a market
  • write a 900-1200 word essay that takes a position on this form of intervention and uses economic principles to justify that position. 


To complete that analysis, you may need to provide some analysis of the market itself.   Why is consolidation happening?  Are there externalities, positive or negative, that the market doesn’t account for effectively?  Is the good in question a common resource or public good?

Guidelines for research and citation

  • You must read at least ten articles from at least four different sources.  You must refer to at least three articles in the paper itself.
  • You must use footnotes in your paper.
  • You must include a works cited page.
  • For this assignment, you may converse with other students, parents, and teachers, but those conversations should probably end as soon as you sit down to write.  If those conversations provide you with specific ideas that you use in your paper, you need to cite them as you would any source.  When in doubt, provide citation.

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