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GEN: Choosing and Using Library Databases

Introduction to Library Databases

A-Z Database ListCox Library subscribes to many online databases! This guide is designed to help you...

So What Is a Database?

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In Library terminology, a "database" is pretty much any online source of information which has a search engine. Some common types include:

  • Library Catalogs index all of the books and journals owned or subscribed to by a particular institution. Catalogs typically only describe full books and journals, not individual chapters or articles. Because of this limitation, we also subscribe to....
  • Online Collections of e-journals and/or e-books.
  • Any of the above may also include or be focused entirely on...
    • specialized content types like reference sources, primary sources, newspapers, dissertations, government documents, technical reports, or standards.
    • non-text materials like statistical data, maps, images, music, or videos.

Our  Database Search Tool attempts (with varying success) to combine multiple databases into a single search engine. Newspapers and ebooks are not included in this tool.

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