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HIST: Class IV and III Online Research

What are Keywords?

Keywords are words, phrases or names that you can use to search in books, databases and online to find information on your topic.  It is a good idea to open a Google Doc so you can add new keywords as you go along.  

Make it easy on yourself!

Start by creating a list of words that you think will help you find information.  Be creative:

  • Use different forms of a phrase - "Irish immigrants" and "Irish immigration"
  • Spell things out as well as using the number - "World War Two" and "WWII"
  • People and places can change names  - "Bombay" and "Mumbai" or "Cassius Clay" and "Mohammad Ali"

 Then add what you find as you search:

  • "World War Two" and "WWII" and "World War, 1939-1944"