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Election 2022

Ballot Questions

The 2022 Massachusetts ballot includes four questions and multiple elections, including governor and attorney general. Learn which candidates are running for office in your community by viewing your sample ballot.

Massachusetts Question 1
  • would establish an additional 4% state income tax on that portion of annual taxable income in excess of $1 million. This would not affect anyone earning less than $1 million per year. 

Read a summary of the proposed Additional Tax on Income Over One Million Dollars constitutional amendment, popularly known as the Millionaires' Tax. You will also find arguments for and against the measure, campaign advertisements, and information about funding by supporters and the opposition.

Massachusetts Question 3
  • would increase the number of licenses a retailer could have for the sale of alcoholic beverages to be consumed off premises, limit the number of “all-alcoholic beverages” licenses that a retailer could acquire, restrict use of self-checkout, and require retailers to accept customers’ out-of-state identification.

Read a summary of the proposed Expanded Availability of Licenses for the Sale Alcoholic Beverages law. You will also find background on the bill, as well as information about funding, top supporters and opposition, and arguments for and against the law.  

Massachusetts Question 2
  • would regulate dental insurance rates, including by requiring companies to spend at least 83% of premiums on member dental expenses and quality improvements instead of administrative expenses, and by making other changes to dental insurance regulations.

Read a summary of the proposed Regulation of Dental Insurance law. You will also find more information about medical loss ratio, top donors supporting and opposing the proposed law, and more.

Massachusetts Question 4
  • would keep in place a state law which would allow Massachusetts residents who cannot provide proof of lawful presence in the United States to obtain a driver’s license or permit if they meet the other requirements for doing so.

Read a summary of the Remove Proof of Citizenship or Immigration Status for Driver's License Applications Referendum. You will also find information about similar laws in other states, funding sources, who supports and opposes the bill, and general background on the bill.