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MS8: NYC Trip 2023

Library Databases

PolicyMap is an online data and mapping application that gives access to over 15,000 indicators related to housing, crime, mortgages, health, jobs, demographics and education. Data are available at all common geographies (address, block group, census tract, zip code, county, city, state, MSA) as well as unique geographies like school districts and political boundaries

  • Statista

    Statista is a statistics databases integrating over 80,000 diverse topics of data and facts from over 18,000 sources onto a single platform covering topics in media, business, finance, politics, and a wide variety of other areas of interest or markets. Charts can be viewed, embedded and downloaded in several formats ( PNG/PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint ).



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Particulate Matter

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Wundermap of PM 2.5



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United States Census Quickfacts



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