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GEN: Copyright and Fair Use

Tips for Students and Faculty

  • Be sure that any pictures, files or text you take off the Internet say that you may use them, or write the webmaster/artist/author for permission
  • Acknowledge all your sources with a bibliographic citation.
  • The product can only be used within the classroom setting
  • Fair use ends when you lose control of the product's use, such as when it is accessed by others over the Internet
  • If there is a possibility that any project incorporating copyrighted materials may be shared more broadly, such as over an Internet site, whether or not as commercial product, it is strongly recommended that you obtain permissions during the development process for all copyrighted portions, rather than waiting until after completion of the project
  • Only two copies of the product can be produced for use. One copy can be saved in a portfolio

Source Information

Adapted from Copyright and Fair Use Tip Sheet, University of Minnesota Libraries.