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MS7: Choosing to Participate Project: Citations and Annotations

What Goes Into a Bibliography?

When you write a paper, you usually need to include a Works Cited -- a list of every outside book, webpage, or other source that you quote or refer to in your paper. A Bibliography is a little different. This is a list you typically put together BEFORE you write your paper, to show your teacher ALL of the sources you are looking at as you plan your project. This way, your teacher can see if you have read widely and gained all of the background information you need to write a well-researched paper. For your CSP, you will be working with the library to find books and articles and to build your bibliography using NoodleTools.

How to Use Noodle Tools

Sources and Citations

If you need a little more help or some other examples, look here for the Cox Librarians'  complete guide on how to do citations.


How to prepare an annotated bibliography is a terrific guide from Cornell University. It covers not only the preparation process, but also gives examples of what an annotation should look like.

Anti-Plagiarism Checklist