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HIST: Class II US History

Research Question Overview

Developing a Research Question:

  • Remember that Research Questions should be: 




  • Doing more research on your initial questions may help you develop strong research questions. 

Good Research Questions

Developing Strong Research Questions

Developing  Research Questions 

  • Research questions are a product of continued research.
    • If you try and develop research questions before you have enough information, it will probably be way too broad: EX: Why did the Roman Republic fall?
  • Focusing your topic first will result in a much stronger questions, and, ultimately, a stronger thesis. 

Topic: The Montgomery Bus Boycott

  Write down questions that come to mind.  Try using prompts, such as:

What I know                      What don't I know

What  I want to know

(or my research questions)

I know that the bus boycott received nation-wide attention I don't know how much this influenced the Civil Rights movement as a whole. How significant was the Montgomery Bus Boycott in shaping the Civil Rights movement as a whole?