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TEMPLATE: Recommended Reading

General Purpose Guide

Recommended Reading

1. Click the link to download the Sora reading app on your laptop or phone!
2. Search for the Cox Library eBook Collection.
  • After downloading the app, click on the three lines in the upper right and add library. 
  • Search for Cox Library Milton Academy and click to add.
    DO NOT choose "Milton Academy:" this is the lower school's collection which we cannot access. 
  • Add other libraries in the same way -- just click on add library
RECOMMENDED: Add MLS Commonwealth eBook Collection and your public library
To search for audiobooks
  • On the left side of the SORA page, look for the Preferences link. 
  • Choose Format to look for audiobooks only.

Another cool feature

Click the three lines in the upper right and scroll down to choose the high contrast mode or the dyslexic font.