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DIY How To

Use What You Have Found to Find More

For Books

If you find a relevant book in the catalog, click on the title for more information.

The subject headings are hyperlinked and will lead to other items with the same subjects Other hyperlinked details, like the author’s name, could lead to more results by the same author.

Use Bibliographies and Reference List

Browse the bibliography or reference list at the end of a relevant book, article, or entry in a reference work. You can then search for these cited items in the Library catalog. If Cox does not have the book, you can request the book chapter by providing page numbers from Interlibrary Loan & Article Delivery.

Use Citation Information

Use Google Scholar to find out citation information about an item. The search results list in Google Scholar displays the title and some brief information about the item, including how many times it has been cited and any related articles (both of which are hyperlinked) and will lead to more results on that topic.