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Save and Organize Your Sources


When you have a research project, set up a system for keeping track of your resources and any other research information.  There is nothing more frustrating than finding a good source and not being able to find it later.

  • Sign in to the Cox Library catalog and use the plus sign at the top right of each book listing to save your library resources in a bookbag;

  • Create a folder in your Google Drive to save articles, citations, and drafts of your assignment;
  • Save all of your sources to the same place;
  • Use Noodletools to manage your notecards and citation information.

Why use Noodletools?

Noodletools is what is known as a citation management system, allowing you to download and store citations from various websites and databases in a specific citation style (MLA, APA, Chicago). In addition, you can insert citations and a bibliography into your paper. If you work collaboratively on projects, you can also use citation managers to share your citations. Most importantly, citation management systems are best for managing a large number of citations.
When you get to college, you will likely not use Noodletools but some other tools.  The most popular are:

  • EndNote
  • RefWorks
  • Zotero

Zotero is free on the web if you want to see what your college might recommend.
We have a lot of hints on how to best use Noodletools in this section of the DIY Guide.